Hotel Transylvania Recap

The Hotel Transylvania movies have some awesome visual gags. I’m not sure the story itself needs a recap as it’s fairly straightforward, but here a refresher.

Hotel Transylvania (2012)

Vampires Dracula and Martha lived in a castle with their daughter Mavis until a mob of humans raided the castle and killed Martha. Dracula started running a hotel where monsters could be safe from humans. Years later, a human backpacker named Johnathan arrives at the hotel. Dracula attempts to conceal him from the hotel guests by disguising him as a monster, only for Mavis to fall in love with him. Mavis eventually learns the truth about Johnathan and the monsters accept him.

Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015)

In the second movie, Mavis and Johnathan have a son Dennis. Johnathan helps run the hotel until Dennis is nearly 5, but Dennis shows no sign of being a vampire. Since Dennis appears to be human, Mavis and Johnathan consider moving closer to Johnathan’s human family. Dracula struggles to come to terms with it. In the end though, Dennis turns out to be a vampire and they decide to stay at the hotel. We also meet Dracula’s father Vlad and Dennis gets a werewolf girlfriend named Winnie.

The burning questions

Since Mavis dreamed of traveling, and since the love of travel is what made Mavis and Johnathan fall in love, I kind of wanted to see a movie about their travels. They could have visited all kinds of hotels around the world and seen what kind of monsters live in Goa! It seems like the third movie will include some traveling as the characters go on a family cruise. In the trailer, we see them fly with a gremlin-operated airline, visit the Bermuda Triangle and meet a kraken near the ruins of Atlantis!



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