2018 Foreign Animated Films

Here’s a list of foreign movies set to come out in 2018. I also included a few late 2017 movies that I hadn’t talked about last year and that will keep expanding in 2018.

4 January 2018 (Russia release of a 2017 French movie) – Tall Tales: The Magical Garden


11 January 2018 (Thailand) – The Legend of Muay Thai: 9 Satra

maxresdefault sartra begin 9

12 January 2018 (China) – Have a Nice Day

maxresdefault4 have a nice day

2 February 2018 (Pakistan) – Allahyar and The Legend of Markhor

maxresdefault3 Allahyar and The Legend of Markhor

2 February 2018 (Iceland) – Ploey: You Never Fly Alone


8 February 2018 (Hungary release of a 2017 Danish movie) – The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear


23 February 2018 (Quebec) – Mission Kathmandu: The Adventures of Nelly and Simon

Screenshot (1902) nelly simon yeti

24 February 2018 (Japan) – Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana o Kazarou

maxresdefault3 goodbye flowers

1 March 2018 (Germany) – Maya the Bee: The Honey Games

966a5fa4e58f1d27174fb072da4ed1942315e9a4 maya the bee the honey games

2 March 2018 (UK) – Monster Family


7 March 2018 (Ukraine) – The Stolen Princess

Related image

28 March 2018 (France) – White Fang

header white fang croc-blanc

1 April 2018 (Mexico) – Ana y Bruno


Aprils 21, 2018 – Liz and the Blue Bird (Japan)

maxresdefault2 liz and the blue bird

April 26, 2018 – Kikoriki: Deja Vu (Russia)

ep006_sc016-0126 kikoriki deja vu

24 May 2018 (Germany) – Luis and the Aliens

51 Luis and the Aliens

20 July 2018 (Japan) – Mirai of the Future


August 2018 (China) – Crystal Sky of Yesterday


5 December 2018 (France) – Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion



  • Gnome Alone (Canada) – This was supposed to be released in 2017, but it was pushed.
  • Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad (Canada)- This was supposed to released in January 2018.
  • Troll: The Tale of a Tail (Canada) – This was supposed to come out in late 2017.
  • Charming (Canada) – This has had a trailer for while, but no release date.
  • Another Day of Life (Poland) – This war film has been in the works for some time.
  • Chris the Swiss (Switzerland) – This war film has a festival debut in January 2018.
  • Red Shoes and the 7 Dwarfs (South Korea) – This started an ad campaign, but it seriously backfired when it was perceived as body-shaming. Will it pull through?
  • Dia de muertos (Mexico) – This film was supposed to come out in October 2017 against Coco, but it didn’t make it. Could it be aiming for October 2018?
  • Kung Food (China) – This is based on a Chinese TV series.
  • Ping Pong Rabbit (China) – This has been taunted for a release since 2016.
  • Cinderella the Cat (Italy) – This had a 2017 festival premiere.
  • Virus Tropical (Colombia) – This had a 2017 festival premiere.

afiche-01-1150x482 virus tropical

  • Lila’s Book (Colombia) – This had a theatrical release in Colombia 2017, but I’m hoping to will reach other countries in 2018. Maybe Gkids could pick it up?
  • Here Comes the Grump (Mexico) – Set for 2018.
  • Implosion: Zero Day (Taiwan) – This is supposed to release in August 2018.
  • Marnie’s World (Germany) – Set for 2018.


See my 2018 US animation calendar published last week. It starts with six foreign movies!


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  1. m do not know that how you make it but its really amazing and interesting animation cartoon work i like it


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