2D Scenes in 3D Films – 2nd Edition

I said it over a year ago: 2D scenes inserted in 3D films are an awesome trend! In March 2016, I made a first article with 10 examples of 2D scenes found in 3D movies. It seems like even more movies have adopted the trend in the past year. See below.

Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016) tells the story of Kai and Oogway in a beautiful parchment style.

Angry Birds (2016) has two characters dreaming about Mighty Eagle in 2D.

Trolls (2016) opens with a scrapbook, which is actually 2D stop-motion.

Rock Dog (2016) has a cool-looking 2D opening.

Moana (2016) has a bit of 2D-3D mixed action in Maui’s tattoos and in Maui’s musical number, “You’re Welcome”, especially its last minute.

And then, there are some international movies that use the technique too, some I hadn’t been able to retrieve when I made my first article.

The Snow Queen (2012) has a 2D flashback explaining the story of Olm.

In Mune: Guardian of the Moon (2014), the dream sequences are hand-drawn.

The Little Prince (2015) already mixes 3D CG with papercraft stop-motion, but it also features a brief 2D introduction, using the original drawings from the book.

The Guardian Brothers (2016) tells the story of the Nian with an animated mural.

Sahara (2017) has a very psychedelic snake charming trance that is mostly 2D.

I’m happy to see animation studios experimenting with different animation styles. I wish they’d push it even further, as I love mixed animation styles. Nevertheless, even short scenes are a fantastic way to keep a little bit of 2D animation in the mainstream.


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