The Emoji Movie Review

Here’s my review of The Emoji Movie, which I actually liked 😳😜😘😅

Overview: A defective emoji named Gene ventures out of his native text app to find a way to fix himself. He is accompanied by High 5, an unpopular hand emoji who dreams of gaining access to the VIP emoji lounge. They recruit the help of a hacker emoji named Jailbreak hoping she can rewrite their codes. Gene’s malfunction catches the attention of the phone’s owner, who intends to get his phone wiped. The trio must travel through various apps trying to reach the cloud before they get deleted.

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Review: I thought it was funny and well written, even if derivative. There are a lot of puns and jokes with emojis (such as internet trolls saying the conversation just got dumber when emojis arrive). There’s an appropriate amount of foreshadowing and plot threads are followed through throughout the movie. I also liked the messages brought on by the character development of the three main characters. The voice work is solid. James Corden, in particular, did a fantastic job as the comic relief sidekick.

There were some negatives, obviously. The logic of how the phone works and why the characters are getting deleted is not totally sound. The fight between Gene’s parents is a bit boring, though it ends with a sweet revelation and a cute scene (we’ll always have Paris). The biggest flaw of the movie is the product placement, which is in absolute poor taste. It’s pretty awkward when a movie explains the rules of Candy Crush. The product placement would definitely give me pause before buying this movie for kids.

Verdict: It’s a fun movie outside of the awful product placement.

Rating: 3melons

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Bonus: three quotes from the movie.

My feelings right now are huge. They could be enough for me to want to stay the way I am if it means I get to stay here with you.

What good is it to be number one if there aren’t any other numbers?

I wanted to say it because it was my idea. You know, women are always coming up with stuff that men take credit for!


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