Women in Animation – Part 2

Here’s a list of 10 women directors from countries other than the United-States. Part 1 of this article focused on women who work in animation in the United-States.

  • Zabou Breitman & Elea Gobbe-Mevellec

These two women are directing a movie based on Yasmine Khadra’s novel, The Swallows of Kabul. Breitman has directed live-action films before and Gobbe-Mevellec has worked as an animator on the TV series Lastman and on the movie Ernest and Celestine. The teaser footage released recently looks absolutely gorgeous.

  • Nora Twomey

Nora Twomey is the co-founder of Cartoon Saloon, the Irish animation studio famous for The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea. She co-directed The Secret of Kells and served as the voice director of Song of the Sea. She is also a producer on Puffin Rock. Her next feature, which comes out this year, is The Breadwinner. It’s based on the novel by Deborah Ellis and has already garnered much praise and anticipation.

  • Nancy Florence Savard

Nancy Florence Savard founded 10th Ave Productions, a Canadian studio dedicated to 3D animation. She directed their first feature, a movie titled The Legend of Sarila. She will next co-direct Mission Kathmandu: The Adventures of Nelly & Simon with Pierre Greco. She also served as a producer on the two movies above and on The Rooster of St-Victor. She will next produce a 2D animated movie called Brad the Genie.

  • Ann Marie Fleming

Ann Marie Fleming directed the animated documentary The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam, based on the life of her great-grandfather. She founded a production company called Sleepy Dog Films and directed several shorts. Her latest movie is Window Horses, an animated feature that follows the adventures of a young Chinese-Iranian-Canadian poet. Her film uses colorful and eclectic animation as well as poetry.

  • Kajsa Næss & Lise Fearnley

These two women founded Mikrofilm, a Norwegian animation studio that produces animated shorts and commercials. Naess has worked as an animator and director and Fearnley is a producer. They are now preparing their first feature, a movie titled Amundsen & Nobile, to be directed by Naess. It will tell the mostly true story of polar explorer Roald Amundsen and aeronautical engineer Umberto Nobile.

amundsen & nobile

  • Michaela Pavlátová

Micheala Pavlátová has directed two live-action features and several animated shorts. She is working on an animated feature called My Sunny Maad. It tells the story of a Czech woman who falls in love with an Afghan man and follow him to Kabul.

  • Stéphanie Lansaque

Stéphanie Lansaque is an animator who has co-directed several animated shorts with her collaborator François Leroy. Their films are set in Vietnam or in nearby countries. The pair will return to Vietnam for their feature Super Vinamotor. It will tell the story of a young gangster who gets in trouble with the Chinese mafia in Saigon.

Super Vinamotor

  • Naoko Yamada

Naoko Yamada directed A Silent Voice, a movie about bullying and sign language. She also worked on TV shows like Inuyasha and Clannad. She directed the series K-On! and Tamako Market, as well as the movies K-On! The Movie and Tamako Love Story.


  • Dorota Kobiela

Dorota Kobiela studied painting before studying film. She is now co-directing Loving Vincent with Hugh Welchman. Each frame is an oil painting made to resemble Vincent Van Gogh’s technique, although the animators used live footage as a reference.

  • Anne Magnussen

Anne Magnussen is co-directing The Man Who Knew 75 Languages with Pawel Debski. It’s an animated documentary about Georg Sauerwein, a linguist and activist for minority peoples who fell in love with Elisabeth of Wied, the Queen of Romania.

That’s all for today! Keep an eye out for these amazing films.


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