Big Fish & Begonia

I loved this film, but I don’t want to spoil anything regarding the story, so I’ll keep the review to a minimum and I will let the images speak for themselves!

The story takes place in a magical world of spirits. A young spirit is sent on an initiating trip to the human world and gets into a tragic accident. She spends the rest of the movie dealing with the consequences of that. The style of the movie reminds me of a Ghibli film. It’s full of spectacular animation and intriguing characters.




big fish and begonia






The rich illustrations give the spirit world depth and complexity. I’ve seen people complain that the characters and plot are confusing, but I though it was fine. The story deals with themes of responsibility, sacrifice and love. There’s a grandiose finale and a post-credit scene that shouldn’t be missed. The music is great too!

Verdict: A must-see film for animation fans and a game-changer for Chinese animation.

Rating: 5melons


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