2017 Animated Movie Calendar

There are 18 16 animated movies planned to open wide in the US in 2017 (edit: Blazing Samurai, which was scheduled for August 4, has been delayed to 2018 or later). Movies might be added to or removed from the lineup during the year!

February 10Lego Batman (Warner Animation & Animal Logic)


The much anticipated Lego Movie spin-off.

February 24Rock Dog (Mandoo Pictures & Reel FX)


A US-China coproduction that was released in China in 2016.

March 31Boss Baby (DreamWorks)

Screenshot (1600).png

A movie about a talking baby voiced by Alec Baldwin.

April 7Smurfs: The Lost Village (Sony)

Screenshot (1695).png

Sony’s fully animated reboot of the Smurf franchise.

April 14Spark: A Space Tail (ToonBox Entertainment)


This movie already premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

June 2Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (DreamWorks & Mikros Image)

Image result for captain underpants movie poster

This DreamWorks movie is animated by a different studio.

June 16Cars 3 (Pixar)


The teaser made Cars 3 seem like a grittier sequel.

June 30Despicable Me 3 (Illumination Entertainment)


Gru faces a new villain inspired by the 1980s.

August 4 Moved to July 28The Emoji Movie (Sony)


An emoji who can change his emotion struggles to fit in.

May 19 Moved to August 11 – The Nut Job 2 (ToonBox Entertainment)


The nutty characters must destroy a theme park.

April 21 Moved to August 25Leap! (distributed by Weinstein)


An orphan becomes a ballerina in 19th century Paris.

September 22Lego Ninjago (Warner Animation & Animal Logic)


The least anticipated Lego Movie spin-off of 2017.

October 6My Little Pony: The Movie (Hasbro Studios & DHX Media)


The ponies will venture underwater.

November 10The Star (Sony & Cinesite Studios)


A donkey, a sheep and a dove become the heroes of the first Christmas.

November 22Coco (Pixar)


A boy with a passion for music seeks out his ancestors.

December 22 Moved to December 15Ferdinand (Blue Sky)

maxresdefault (1)

The story of a bull who does not like to fight.

April 14 TBACharming (3QU Media)


I suspect this movie will have trouble finding a release date.

April 21 TBAAnimal Crackers (Blue Dream Studio)


This movie doesn’t have a distributor yet.

I did not include the movies that might receive a limited theatrical release in 2017 (ie. movies like The Breadwinner and Your Name). It will be interesting to see if some of them actually make it to wide release. I’m crossing my fingers for The Breadwinner!


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